Courses within FiH

Individual Study Plan

In connection with admission and registration, an individual study plan (ISP) is established with the supervisor to clarify commitments, goals, outcomes, courses, and other activities in the doctoral education that are credit-giving.

Doctoral students must take at least 30 credits (HP) worth of courses and other activities such as seminars and presenting their own work at at least one international conference during their doctoral education. Doctoral students within the Research School have access to mandatory and elective courses aimed at providing methodological breadth. Most courses are taken during the first two years of the doctoral education and should be conducted at 100% during course time.

For doctoral students admitted to the Research School, 18 credits of mandatory courses are included, as shown in the table below.

The courses are offered by the Doctoral Program in Health Care Science (PUF-V). The program offers courses to provide knowledge of concepts, designs, and analysis methods specifically suited to studying and understanding complex processes related to the health science research field.

Mandatory and elective courses

Doctoral students are automatically admitted to the first courses in semester 1. For the second courses, doctoral students need to apply the previous semester (see course catalog). However, doctoral students in the Research School have priority for courses within PUF-V.

Mandatory courses

Semester 1

5294 - Health Science and Implementation: Conceptual Foundations, 2 credits

5302 - Information Literacy, Philosophy of Science and Research Ethics, 3 credits

Semester 2

2609 - Basic Course in Medical Statistics, 3 credits

5506 - Research Communication in Health Science, 1.5 credits

2673 - Introduction to Qualitative Methods, 4 credits

Semester 3

5555 - Methods for Systematic Review, from Idea to Project Plan, 4.5 credits

Elective courses

3232 - Developing and Evaluating Complex Interventions: Effective implementation, 3 credits

2520 - Interview Techniques in Health and Care Research, 4 credits

2664 - Introduction to modern test theory and test/survey methodology, 4 credits

3029 - Observation and visual methods in health care sciences, 4.5 credits

5301 - Methods for Design and Formative Evaluation of eHealth Interventions, 3 credits

Other credit-giving mandatory educational activities:

Research seminars/journal clubs: min 1.5 credits / max 6 credits

International conferences with own presentation (1.5 credits/conference): min 1.5 credits / max 6 credits

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