CanOptiPhys - Optimizing Physical function before surgery: effects on complications and physical function after gastrointestinal Cancer surgey in older people at risk.

This project is an extension of the previous Better in Better out project, see publications below.

The study is a joint study between Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital, South General Hospital, Ersta Hospital, Academic Primary Health Care Center and RISE Research Institute of Sweden.

Patients are recruited at the hospital when a decision about surgery has been set. The intervention in the RCT is performed in the older person’s home, led by physiotherapists working in primary care. The intervention consists of a combination of respiratory training and individually adjusted functional exercise, which has not been evaluated previously. If the study shows positive effects, it can be of great importance for older persons’ independence and quality of life as well as from a socioeconomic perspective. 

Recruitment of participants will end in June, 2023.

Principal Investigator

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Elisabeth Rydwik

Senior Lecturer/Physcial Therapist

Project members

Mikael Andersson, postdoc

Monika Egenvall, PhD, surgeon

Johanna Danielsson, PhD student

Julia Engström Sid, PhD student

Malin Nygren-Bonnier, docent

Mattias Soop, PhD, surgeon

Christian Sturesson, docent, surgeon

Anders Thorell, professor, surgeon

Financial support

The Swedish Cancer Society

The Swedish Research Council (VR)

Publications from the previous Better in Better out project

Feasibility of preoperative supervised home-based exercise in older adults undergoing colorectal cancer surgery - A randomized controlled design.
Karlsson E, Farahnak P, Franzén E, Nygren-Bonnier M, Dronkers J, van Meeteren N, Rydwik E
PLoS One 2019 ;14(7):e0219158

Older patients' attitudes towards, and perceptions of, preoperative physical activity and exercise prior to colorectal cancer surgery-a gap between awareness and action.
Karlsson E, Dahl O, Rydwik E, Nygren-Bonnier M, Bergenmar M
Support Care Cancer 2020 Aug;28(8):3945-3953

Better preoperative physical performance reduces the odds of complication severity and discharge to care facility after abdominal cancer resection in people over the age of 70 - A prospective cohort study.
Karlsson E, Egenvall M, Farahnak P, Bergenmar M, Nygren-Bonnier M, Franzén E, Rydwik E
Eur J Surg Oncol 2018 11;44(11):1760-1767

Short-term postoperative physical decline and patient-reported recovery in people aged 70 or older undergoing abdominal cancer resection- A prospective cohort study.
Karlsson E, Franzén E, Nygren-Bonnier M, Bergenmar M, Rydwik E
J Geriatr Oncol 2019 07;10(4):610-617

Doctoral thesis

Emelie Karlsson 2019:
Well begun is half done : preoperative physical performance & home-based exercise in older adults undergoing abdominal cancer surgery.

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