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Assessment of physical activity

“Those who believe that they have no time for physical activity must sooner or later set aside time for illness” (Dr Edward Stanley, 1826-1893)

Low physical activity is an important risk factor for most diseases of our time, such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes, cancer, depression and mental illnesses. Objective monitoring and evaluation of physical activity therefore adds an important dimension to many questions in the clinical and research setting.

As illustrated in the figure below, accelerometers provide information about the total volume of physical activity (e.g. number of steps) but more detailed information about the pattern of activity; such as time or bouts spent in different intensity levels (e.g. sedentary time or moderate activity). To provide additional insights into the intensity of activity, activity data could also be integrated with heart rate monitoring.

We offer our customers to rent these accelerometer systems, as well as education regarding software and consultations concerning data collection and data management. Accelerometers can also be used for sleep monitoring (eg quality and cycle duration) which is an area that uMOVE currently developing in order to offer our customers these services in the future.

mearuring physical activity

uMOVE offers the following accelerometer systems for measuring physical activity:

Actigraph GT3X+ for evaluation of the total volume of physical activity and the time spent in different intensity levels, such as sedentary behavior and moderate activity. Read more about Actigraph.


ActivPAL for assessment of number of steps and type of activity/posture; e.g. sitting, standing and walking. Read more about ActivPal.

active pal