About the Division of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy encompasses the knowledge of the human body in motion and its function. Physiotherapists help individuals to strengthen health and prevent or rehabilitate disease and injury. The theoretical foundation is based on human biology, medicine, and social and behavioral sciences.


The vision of the Division of Physiotherapy is to develop and implement knowledge through high quality education and research, contributing to health and function on societal, group and individual levels.


The Division of Physiotherapy is responsible for courses within the Study Programme in Physiotherapy as well as courses at master’s level, freestanding courses, executive and professional courses and postgraduate education. Education at the Division of Physiotherapy.


Research in the area of physiotherapy as well as research and development in the field of medical education, is mainly conducted through the research groups within the division, but also by affiliated external researchers. Besides driving the main subject forward, research at the division contributes to a research based education. Research at the Division of Physiotherapy.

Division management

Head of Division

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Malin Nygren-Bonnier

Senior Lecturer/Physcial Therapist

Deputy/acting Head of Division

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Nina Brodin

Senior Lecturer/Physcial Therapist


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Martina Bergenroth

Coordinator, economy
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Marina Olsson

Coordinator, division administration

Ellinor Tenne

Administrator, HR

Division management group

Malin Nygren-Bonnier, docent, Head of Division

Nina Brodin, docent, deputy/acting Head of Division

Maria Hagströmer, professor, education and research strategy

Erika Franzén, professor, research and doctoral education

Anna Pettersson, PhD, Programme Director, Study Programme in Physiotherapy

Martina Bergenroth, coordinator/economy

Ellinor Tenne, administrator/HR


Mailing address

Karolinska Institutet
Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society
Division of Physiotherapy 23100
SE-141 83 Huddinge


Visisting address

Campus Flemingsberg
Alfred Nobels allé 23, B3

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