About the Division of Clinical Geriatrics

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We conduct research and training, including medical candidates. The research is multi-faceted and is in close collaboration with institutions and clinics worldwide. We have some of our research focuses on neurodegenerative diseases, including dementia and Parkinson's disease. The research is clinically oriented with an emphasis on diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

The focus is on research using imaging methods, registry studies, lifestile factors and prevention- och treatment studies. We also have research on drugs and the elderly, clinical nutrition, stroke and stroke rehabilitation, and Parkinson's disease.

We have a close cooperation with the Department of Geriatrics and Memory Clinic, M51 at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge. The activities are multidisciplinary and include medical research and research in the specialty engines psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Dissertations at the division

Eric Westman, senior lecturer/head of division


Senior lecturer

Eric Westman

Phone: +46-(0)73-655 51 79
Organizational unit: Division of Clinical geriatrics
E-mail: Eric.Westman@ki.se

Dorota Religa, associate professor/deputy head of division



Dorota Religa

Organizational unit: Division of Clinical geriatrics
E-mail: Dorota.Religa@ki.se

Anette Kullin Eidehall, division administrator, web editor



Anette Eidehall

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 835 30
Organizational unit: Division of Clinical geriatrics
E-mail: Anette.Eidehall@ki.se

Sofia Fridén, division administrator



Sofia Fridén

Organizational unit: Division of Clinical geriatrics
E-mail: sofia.friden@ki.se

Malin Holm-Blomquist, coordinator and administrator in Miia Kivipeltos group


Malin Holm Blomquist

Phone: +46-(0)8-585 838 85
Organizational unit: Kivipelto
E-mail: malin.holm.blomquist@ki.se

Maria Klein, education administrator



Maria Klein

Phone: +46-(0)8-585 854 65
Organizational unit: Division of Clinical geriatrics
E-mail: Maria.Klein@ki.se


We are located at Karolinska Institutet, Campus Flemingsberg, Huddinge. Our offices are in Neo building, opposit Karolinska University Hospital at Huddinge.
Vistitor address: Blickagången 16, Neo 7th floor. Mail address: KI, Dept NVS, Division of Clinical Geriatrics, Neo 7th floor, 141 83 Huddinge


EU project


AMYPAD, Amyloid imaging to prevent Alzheimer´s disease, is a 5 year  EU project supported by funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiatives (IMI) Amypad  aims at better understanding of the value of amyloid PET imaging on diagnostic thinking thinking and patient management in Alzheimer´s disease. The project wants also follow-up and understand the natural history of Alzheimer´s disease and select patients for treatment trials.The project involves 8 academical  (KI site PI Agneta Nordberg) and 7 private partners. Amypad will address their goals in close collaboration with IMI project EPAD (the European prevention of Alzheimer´s disease project).

N4U is the second wave of FP7 neuGRID (www.neuGRID.eu) aiming to deliver the "Google for brain imaging".Thanks to N4U, neuroscientists worldwide will be offered a fully functional virtual laboratory where to analyze the world's largest image databases on persons with neurodegenerative diseases, algorithm tools to extract diagnostic and progression tracking markers, adequate computational resources, help services, and training. The availability of imaging-based disease markers (magnetic resonance, PET, etc.) is key to develop innovative drug treatments.

LADIS is a longitudinal study on the importance of white matter changes for the development of various brain diseases such as dementia and stroke. The study has been ongoing for over 10 years and have resulted in numerous scientific articles.

LipiDiDiet is a study investigating the effect of omega- 3 fatty acids along with various vitamins and uracilmonofosfat (UMP) tested in a double-blind procedure in early Alzheimer's. The study period is two years and be completed in 2016.

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