Cognitive Neuroscience

Researchers in this area use an interdisciplinary approach to understand the human mind. The theme encompasses imaging neuroscience, neurophysiology, computation, and experimental psychology.

The goal is to further our understanding of the relationship between cognitive phenomena and the underlying physical substrate of the brain. Using a combination of behavioral paradigms, state-of-the-art brain imaging, and theoretical modelling, the cognitive neuroscience research taking place within the department seeks to elucidate how high-level functions, such as working memory, body-self perception, and creativity relate to specific neural substructures in the human brain.

Researchers in this field

Henrik Ehrsson

Professor, Research group leader

Ehrsson laboratory

Our core line of research is centered on the question of how we come to perceive ownership over our bodies. This question can be framed in terms of a multisensory binding problem: how is visual, tactile and proprioceptive information combined to obtain a single coherent object that is one's own body?

Konstantina Kilteni

Assistant Professor, Research group leader

Kilteni Laboratory

Try to tickle yourself. No matter how hard you try, the resulting sensation will always feel less ticklish and less intense compared to the sensation produced by somebody else tickling you. In our lab, we study how the human brain predicts the sensory stimuli that are generated by our actions and how this affects our perception.

Torkel Klingberg

Professor, Research group leader

Klingberg Laboratory

Our research is aimed at better understanding the neural basis for cognitive development during childhood. This includes studying training-induced plasticity of the brain. The psychological functions we are interested in are working memory, attention, and reasoning, as well as academic abilities such as mathematics and reading.

Fredrik Ullén

Professor, Research group leader

Ullén Laboratory

Our research focuses on the neuropsychology of expertise, in particular musical expertise.

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