Itziar Martinez Gonzalez Project - Immunological memory of Innate Lymphoid Cells

Our research interests are focused in the study of the biology of memory Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILC2s) in type 2 immunity.

Research focus

ILC2s are innate lymphocytes involved in type 2 immune responses that protect us against parasites and play a role in tissue repair. However, they can also be pathogenic and induce allergic reactions. I described that ILC2s can become long-lived memory cells and mount more vigorous type 2 immune responses upon subsequent activation. The antigen non-specific nature of memory ILC2s has led me to hypothesize that these cells could be connecting unrelated allergic reactions as well as mediating allergen-independent exacerbations in allergic diseases.

We will perform an in-depth study of the transcriptome, proteome and epigenome of memory ILC2s in both mouse models of allergy and samples from allergic patients. We aim to understand how these innate lymphocytes contribute to allergic diseases and ultimately help in the development of novel therapeutic approaches.

Selected publications

Steroid-resistant human inflammatory ILC2s are marked by CD45RO and elevated in type 2 respiratory diseases.
van der Ploeg EK, Golebski K, van Nimwegen M, Fergusson JR, Heesters BA, Martinez-Gonzalez I, Kradolfer CMA, van Tol S, Scicluna BP, de Bruijn MJW, de Boer GM, Tramper-Stranders GA, Braunstahl GJ, van IJcken WFJ, Nagtegaal AP, van Drunen CM, Fokkens WJ, Huylebroeck D, Spits H, Hendriks RW, Stadhouders R, Bal SM
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Single-cell analysis of RORα tracer mouse lung reveals ILC progenitors and effector ILC2 subsets.
Ghaedi M, Shen ZY, Orangi M, Martinez-Gonzalez I, Wei L, Lu X, Das A, Heravi-Moussavi A, Marra MA, Bhandoola A, Takei F
J Exp Med 2020 03;217(3):

ILC2 memory: Recollection of previous activation.
Martinez-Gonzalez I, Ghaedi M, Steer CA, Mathä L, Vivier E, Takei F
Immunol Rev 2018 05;283(1):41-53

ILC2 memory: Recollection of previous activation.
Martinez-Gonzalez I, Ghaedi M, Steer CA, Mathä L, Vivier E, Takei F
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Type 2 innate lymphoid cells disrupt bronchial epithelial barrier integrity by targeting tight junctions through IL-13 in asthmatic patients.
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Group 2 innate lymphoid cell activation in the neonatal lung drives type 2 immunity and allergen sensitization.
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J Allergy Clin Immunol 2017 08;140(2):593-595.e3

Allergen-Experienced Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells Acquire Memory-like Properties and Enhance Allergic Lung Inflammation.
Martinez-Gonzalez I, Mathä L, Steer CA, Ghaedi M, Poon GF, Takei F
Immunity 2016 07;45(1):198-208

Common-Lymphoid-Progenitor-Independent Pathways of Innate and T Lymphocyte Development.
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Lung ILC2s link innate and adaptive responses in allergic inflammation.
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Group 2 innate lymphoid cells are critical for the initiation of adaptive T helper 2 cell-mediated allergic lung inflammation.
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Immunity 2014 Mar;40(3):425-35

Funding sources

  • VR Starting grant
  • Wallenberg Academy Fellow
  • KI Assistant professor position
  • Jeansson Stilftese
  • Sanofi Type 2 Innovation Grant

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