MTC Students Association (MSA)

The student association is a meeting place for all graduate students at the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology. Meetings are held approximately twice/term.

What is MSA?

MSA represents MTC graduate students in a variety of different councils and other groups. These groups generally meet once a month. This implies that we, the graduate students at MTC, get information on what is going on and can influence decisions that are about to be made.


Our meetings are held to spread important information related to our PhD studies at MTC. The meetings can, for instance, touch upon financial or organisational matters, but we also plan social activities.

In order to get accurate and updated information, key persons are often invited to take part in our discussions.

Upcoming meetings

MSA in the the past?

MSA was created in 2001. For the last couple of years we have representatives in different groups and councils at MTC.

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David Mentrup

Student representative
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Manon Termote

Student representative
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Mingzhi Liu

Phd Student