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Undergraduate studies at the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery

Undergraduate studies are performed at most of the Department's units.

  • Study Programme in Medicine at term 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10
  • Clinical Rotation in Surgery for Exchange Students
  • Supervision of medical student projects
  • Elective courses (SVK)
  • Study Programme in Physiotherapy term 3
  • Freestanding courses

In addition, we give techings in:

  • Study program in Biomedicine
  • BMA Programme

Responsible for Undergraduate Studies at the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery

Educational administrator for Undergraduate Studies

Clinical Medicine - Surgery term 7

The course includes clinical subjects general surgery, anesthesiology, orthopedics, urology and medical imaging. The course also integrates with the subjects primary care, oncology and forensic medicine. Professional development (PD) is trained in the four weeks of orthopedic and surgical KUM and Scientific Development (VetU) associated with the EBM data in the various stages.

Director of Studies Gabriella Jansson Palmer

Teaching assistant Kristina Stenstedt

Educational administrator Susanne Forsberg

Clinical Genetics term 10

Teaching at the Department of Clinical Genetics at term 10 medical students. The course Clinical Genetics provides in-depth knowledge of the genetic mechanisms underlying various diseases and is part of the course Reproduction and Development.

Course director Richard Rosenquist Brandell

Study Programme in Physiotherapy term 3

The course provides knowledge of common clinical conditions in ethics, surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, neurology and rheumatology, and related to the general learning outcomes for the whole of the physiotherapy program.

Course director Lars Weidenhielm

Other teaching

Teachers from the Department is actively involved in the education of nurses and laboratory technicians through training at KI and KS and by patient organizations.

Regularly 5-6 students per academic year undertakes a thesis equivalent to 20 points at the department. These come from KI, Stockholm University and Laborantskolan. We will additionally receive 2-3 ERASMUS students from other countries implementing various long training periods.

In the Biomedicine Program, a one week course in Medicinal Genetics is organized during the 3rd semester.

The department's staff also organizes postgraduate courses for graduate students and training courses for doctors and nurses.

Please visit the Swedish site for information on ongoing courses