Supervisors - MMK

Green light - approval of supervisor

At least two supervisors must be appointed for each doctoral student. To be eligible as a supervisor, a completed doctoral degree is required, and all supervisors must be well acquainted with Karolinska Institutet's rules for postgraduate education.

For each and every doctoral student:

  • at least one of the supervisors must be an associate professor or professor
  • the main supervisor should (typically) be active at Karolinska Institutet
  • at least one of the supervisors, preferably the main supervisor, must be active at the department admitting the doctoral student

Although the doctoral student can only be registered at one department, the education may well take place at several departments and with supervisors from different departments. Upon admission, an agreement must be reached on how supervision and activity are to be organized and shared between the supervisors. This must also be specified in the individual study plan.

Here you can find the rules for doctoral education at KI and the general syllabus for the doctoral level education in Medical Science:

For rules on supervision, see section 6.

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