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Credit transfer and credit reporting

  • Transfer of credits from courses and credit-bearing activities taken place at other higher education institutions than KI must be applied for using Form 13 (Application for a credit transfer), which is then submitted to the study administrator. A certificate for completed activity must be attached to the application. For courses, a course description including a description of the examination procedure has to be attached.

  • For reporting of completed workshops, conferences, seminars, teaching, visit research group at other university, use Form 16. A certificate for completed activity must be attached to the application.

  • Credits from credit-bearing activities completed prior to admission to doctoral education at the time of the doctoral student registration, should be included in the individual study plan (ISP). The credit-bearing activities must be reported using Form 13 to the study administrator (Ann-Britt Wikström or Susanne Forsberg, L1: 00) as soon as possible after admission to the doctoral program. Please note that even doctoral courses at KI that are completed before registration must be registered!

Form 13 - Application for credit transfer

Form 16 – Credit reporting

Courses and credits

Reporting study activity and source of income

According to the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 6, it is mandatory for all doctoral students to each semester report study activity and source of income to the department's director of doctoral studies, as this information must be registered in Ladok and subsequently uploaded in the individual study plan (ISP). Activity refers to the proportion of the corresponding full-time commitment that the doctoral student has engaged in during the semester within projects and credit-bearing activities of the doctoral program.

Annual follow-up

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