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The Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery is led by Anders Franco-Cereceda, Head of Department and Chief Administrator is Therese Kindåker.

Head of department

Anders Franco-Cereceda

Phone: +46-(0)8-517 708 26
Organizational unit: Administration

Head of administration

Therese Kindåker

Phone: +46-(0)8-517 731 22
Organizational unit: Administration

Management Team

The Management Team consists of the Head of the Department Anders Franco-Cereceda, Annika Lindblom, Anna Martling, Per-Olof Berggren, Pernilla Lagergren, Wilhelmina Ekström and Therese Kindåker. It discusses management questions of a department-wide nature.

Department Council

According to the decision of the President, each department shall have a board, which shall deal with important matters of principle or of a department-wide nature. The Department Council is an advisory body, which is designed to provide a broad forum for dialogue and the gaining of support for decisions. It is a platform where representatives of different interest groups can meet, such as teaching staff, students, researchers, PhD students and technical & administrative staff.

Joint Action Group

A cooperation agreement with the staff organisations governs the procedures for communication and negotiations as laid down in the Act on Codetermination at Work (MBL) and in connection with appointments.

In the joint action group at the department, the aim is to increase employee participation via consultation, which will be of benefit to both the employer and the employees. The group consists of representatives of the unions and the chief administrator. Meetings of the joint action group shall precede all Department Council meetings.

The committees are made up of employees of the department with a relevant background and interest in the issues concerned.

Organisation chart