Organisation MMK

The Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery (MMK) carries out preclinical and clinical research within numerous fields. Linked to the department are approximately 600 researchers, postgraduate students, teachers and technical and administrative staff. MMK is headed by Professor Anders Franco-Cereceda, and Head of Administration Therese Kindåker.

Head of Department

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Anders Franco-Cereceda

Professor/Senior Physician

Deputy Head of Department

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Jan Zedenius

Professor/Senior Physician

Head of Administration

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Therese Kindåker

Head of Administration


Research groups and research group leaders at MMK

Management Team

The Management team (Ledningsgruppen) consists of the Head of the Department Anders Franco-Cereceda and Professors Per-Olof Berggren, Pernilla Lagergren and Jan Zedenius, also with Director of postgraduate studies Catharina Lavebratt, responsible of undergraduate studies Wilhelmina Ekström, Caroline Nordenvall and Head of Administration Therese Kindåker. The team meets twice a month to discuss management questions and to handle general issues affecting the department.

Department Council

According to decision of the KI President, each department should have a Department Council (Institutionsråd) which should handle issues of principle importance for the department. The council's main function is to to act as a forum for dialogue and to assist the Head of Department to anchor decisions. It is a platform where representatives of different interest groups meet such as teaching staff, researchers, PhD students and technical and administrative staff.

Joint Action Group

A cooperation agreement with the staff organisations governs the procedures for communication and negotiations, as laid down in the Act on Codetermination at Work (MBL) and in connection with appointments. The aim of MMK department's Joint Action Group is to increase employee participation via consultation, which is of benefit to both the employer and the employees. The group consists of representatives of the unions and the Head of Administration at MMK. According to decision, the Joint Action Group Meetings shall precede all Department Council meetings. The committees consist of employees of the MMK department with a relevant background and interest in the issues concerned.


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