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Activities Upper GI Surgery


The unit has been selected as one of six nodes in which the Swedish Research Council invests to provide world leading research based on data from Swedish registries. This initiative is entitled the Swedish Initiative for Research on Microdata in the Social and Medical Sciences (SIMSAM).

Research School

SINGS Research School

International Co-operations

King's Health Partners in London

Key collaborator: Professor Robert Mason

University of Cambridge

Key collaborator: Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald

Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Key collaborator: Professor Bas Wijnhoven

University of Helsinki

Key collaborator: Professor Eero Pukkala

University of Copenhagen

Key collaborator: Professor Elsebeth Lynge

University of Leeds

Key collaborator: Professor Mark Hull

NTNU, Trondheim

Key collaborator: Professor Pål Romundstad

University of Reykjavik

Key collaborator: Professor Laufey Tryggvadottir

QIMR Berghofer, Medical Research Institute

Key collaborator: Professor David Whiteman

Imperial College London

Key collaborators: Professor George Hanna and Dr. Sheraz Markar

Royal Marsden London

Key collaborators: Professor David Cunningham and Wiliam Allum

Baylor College Houston USA

Key collaborator: Professor Hashem El-Serag


Study design in clinical research

For more information regarding the course please contact course administrator Kalle Mälberg.

Kalle Mälberg

Research nurse
Surgical Care Sciences


9:30 - 10:30 Monthly meeting with group leaders (Last Thuesday, monthly)
9:30 - 10:30 Journal club (Arranged by the doctoral students)
13:00 - 14:00 Seminar series
10:00 Group meetings (Every second Friday, Barrett)
2-3 times/semester Methods club