Psychiatry and neurological diseases

Treatment with medication is common in psychiatry and neurological diseases, but the majority of the treatment recommendations are based on results from clinical trials. However, clinical trials have certain limitations due to relatively small selected study populations are included ( eg. without abuse and suicidal behavior) and have a short follow-up period. This implicate that it is not totally clear what the effect of a medication is in clinical practice among “ordinary” patients and with a longer follow-up period.

Some of CPE´s finalized and ongoing research projects in psychiatry concerns studies of adherence to drugs for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, safety at quetiapine use, comparative studies of the effects of drugs used in bipolar disorders and treatment-resistant depression. In the neurology area, we have ongoing projects in migraines and multiple sclerosis. We also study the safety of psychiatric and neurological drugs during pregnancy.

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