CPE researcher receives SRP Diabetes Postdoc Fellowship Programme

Laura Pazzagli at CPE is one of the 5 Principal Investigators who has received funding from the Strategic Research Programme (SRP) in Diabetes Postdoc Fellowship Programme

Photo: Laura Pazzagli

With this postdoctoral program SRP Diabetes aims to support the next generation of exceptional young scientists within the diabetes area. The funded project aims to investigate the impact of socioeconomic factors on antidiabetic medications use and discontinuation and type 2 diabetes consequences such as cardiovascular problems, kidney failure and retinopathy. Read more about the project: https://ki.se/en/srp-diabetes/srp-diabetes-postdoc-fellowships-project-4

Interested candidates for the postdoctoral position ,can find the advertisement https://ki.varbi.com/en/what:job/jobID:487660/type:job/where:4/apply:1