Research at the Department of Medicine

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The research at the department is extensive. The research activities at the Department of Medicine of the Karolinska University Hospital in Solna are executed in 46 research groups within 12 research divisions, covering most areas within the field of medicine. The three main profiles in research are:

Cardiovascular medicine
Inflammatory diseases

In accordance with the research strategies of Karolinska Institutet, the Department of Medicine strongly encourages integration of experimental and patient-related research. In fact, the milieu of the Department is an excellent setting for patient-related research involving both clinicians and basic researchers.

A further improvement in this area could be accomplished through establishing even closer contacts between the Department and basic researchers on KI campus, as well as enhancing the possibilities for clinicians to perform active research. Future research strategies of the Department also include promoting the integration of genetic and clinical epidemiology within the profile research areas. The continuous work of fulfilling the strategic aims, including recruitment of new researchers, is lead by the Head of the Department in conjunction with the board of the Department.