Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology

The Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology (CPE) works in a dynamic environment at the intersection of academia, healthcare, authorities and the pharmaceutical industry.
We conduct academic research on drug safety, drug effectiveness and drug utilization and perform regulator-mandated Post-Authorisation Safety Studies (PASS) and Drug Utilization Studies (DUS) in the area of pharmacoepidemiology.


Silvia Segovia Chacón

Congratulations Silvia on beginning your doctoral studies!

Silvia Segovia Chacón joined CPE in 2019 as a research assistant and then project manager. This September she starts her next chapter with CPE as a PhD student under the supervision of Carolyn Cesta and other CPE/KEP researchers. Her project will focus on medication utilization and safety in reproductive aged women and during pregnancy, which complements her background as a midwife and interest in women’s health.

Julia Eriksson

Welcome Julia Eriksson to CPE!

Julia is a statistician with a master’s degree in mathematical statistics from Stockholm University. In the last two years, she has worked at the Division of Biostatistics at the Institutet of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Instiutute. She has experience of using different types of regression models, meta analysis and some machine learning models. Julia has been involved in several types of research groups on sleep, domestic violence, primary care studies, stroke, cancer etc. She will join the team of statisticians at CPE to contribute to pharmacoepidemiologic research to improve public health.