Routines for half-time review and dissertation at MedH

Doctoral students at MedH who are about to conduct their half-time review or dissertation need to follow the department's routines, specified here.

Half-time review

The half-time review shall be carried out for every doctoral student who will be taking a doctorate and should be carried out two years after admission, or when two years of full-time doctoral education or the equivalent has been completed.

The half-time review is to be conducted as a seminar. The application for conducting your half-time review has to be approved by the department (Director of doctoral education) before it's submitted to the half-time committee.

Application form for doctoral education

About half-time review at Karolinska Institutet

1. The application for conducting half-time and the half-time report, must be submitted at least one week before the seminar to the Education Administrator for doctoral education, Ulrika Markne, who will arrange with the signature from the Director of Doctoral education at MedH.

2. Approved application must be submitted to the half-time committee two weeks before the half-time review.

3. After the half-time review, the doctoral student submits the protocol from the review to

Contact doctoral education

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Monica Ahlberg

Education Administrator for doctoral education, MedH

Half-time review routines 

When you have decided time and date for the online meeting and location for your half-time review, it's time to announce this.

Please fill out the form to publish in the department's calendar at

Routines for the booking of venue and refreshments for half-time review

Booking of meeting room and ordering of refreshments is carried by the Unit Administrator at the unit where the half-time is conducted.


For instructions on the application for public defense of doctoral thesis, please see KI's general rules for the doctoral education.

Routines at MedH for signing the application

Before submitting the application to the Dissertation Committee and the Examination Board, the application must be signed by the Director of doctoral education and Head of Department at MedH. 

Contact the administration for doctoral education ( to get the signatures for the application, no later than one week before the deadline of submission to the Dissertation committee.  

Deadline and important dates - Dissertation committee

Routines at MedH for booking your dissertation

MedH recommends maximum one dissertation per day, please Contact the administration for doctoral education ( to arrange a date for the dissertation.

Routines at MedH for advertising your dissertation

When the application is approved and you have decided time and date for the online meeting and location for your dissertation, it's time to announce this in the KI calendar and on information screens on campus.

Please fill in the form to announce the dissertation in the calendar at ki.seAlso please notify If you would like the invitation to be distributed to the whole department by email.

Practical details before defending your thesis

Prior to the dissertation, the Unit Administrator at the unit at MedH where you are defending your thesis, assists with practicalities such as booking the venue, catering of food and refreshments for the Examination board, the opponent and fees, purchasing flowers and so on.

Contact Unit Administration at MedH

At the Department of Medicine, Huddinge, there are six units with one unit administrator at each unit.

Please contact the corresponding Unit Administrator for assistance in arranging your half-time review or dissertation.

AV-support at dissertation

When your dissertation is online, and the Examination board and opponent(s) are at another location, the AV-support at KI can help you with the equipment when defending at a KI location.  

Please contact KI AV-support for more details

After the dissertation

After defending your thesis, the doctoral student is to quickly submit the Form 11 (Decision of Examination Board) with all signatures to the Education Administrator for doctoral education at MedH who will register the thesis in Ladok.

You also need to apply for a Degree certificate for doctoral education.

The Degree certificate is an official document issued as proof that a student has satisfied the requirements for a doctoral degree.

Degree certificate

For all questions regarding the Degree certificate, please contact Karolinska Institutet:

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