Step 5: ISP – Individual study plan at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge

The fifth and last step of the admission process for supervisors at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH) is explained here.

When the doctoral student begins their studies, a digital, individual study plan (ISP) is to be set up for the doctoral student and submitted for review. At the latest one month after the start of the doctoral studies, the principal supervisor and doctoral student, need to create a proposed study plan in the digital ISP system.

The Director of doctoral education at MedH and the Board of doctoral education will review and provide feedback regarding the proposed ISP.

All you need to know about the Individual study plan, ISP is found on

The ISP seminar

When the proposed individual study plan is ready, the doctoral student needs to conduct an ISP seminar. The ISP-seminar must be completed within three months after the start of the study period.

Announcing the ISP seminar

Each unit at MedH is responsible for announcing the seminar, please contact the Unit Administrator. Alternatively you can contact the MedH Communications Officer to publish the event in the MedH calendar at After the ISP seminar, the doctoral student's individual study plan will be established by the Director of doctoral education at MedH. 

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