Education at MBB

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At MBB, we are teaching at the undergraduate as well as doctoral level. Our vision is to provide education in the molecular life sciences that is of a very high standard and significantly improves the skills of our students. We are well aware of the statement given by Berzelius as he wrote in the foreword of his Textbook in Chemistry in 1817:

"Dessutom har den blifvande kemiska theorien det emot sig för den studerande, att den, för att rigtigt förstås, fordrar en kännedom af facta, af fenomen och af elektriciteten, som nu mera kan kallas kemiens grundkraft, hvilka begynnaren aldrig kan äga."

(Eng: Moreover, the becoming chemical theory has that against it, for the student, that it to be fully understood, requires a knowledge of facts, of phenomena, and of electricity that currently can be seen as the basic force of chemistry, which the beginner will never possess).

Our overriding aim with the teaching at MBB is to raise the general knowledge in biochemistry from that of the beginner students, towards that of skilled professionals.