Contact Doctoral Education at LIME

Contact information to the Doctoral Education administration at LIME.

If you have any questions about doctoral education at LIME please contact Ingrid Smedberg, Administrative Officer of doctoral education or Lars E Eriksson, Director of doctoral education. Do not hesitate to contact us well in advance regarding cancellation of your doctoral studies or planned longer time off from your doctoral studies.

If you have questions about organizing a doctoral course at LIME, please read more below, and also get approval from head of department:…

Below is also a link to Doctoral Education newsletters. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform about decisions and debates of the Board of Doctoral Education, but also other related news and practical details. Doctoral Education newsletter is automatically sent to doctoral students with a KI-email address. If you like to subscribe to the newsletter please send an email to

Doctoral Education news

Ingrid Smedberg

Administrative officer for doctoral education at LIME

Lars E Eriksson

Director of doctoral education at LIME
H1 Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society