About the department

The department conducts an extensive clinical research in several areas. The department has about 90 registered doctoral students and approximately 10 of them graduate every year.

Researchers at the department publish approximately 250-300 publications in international scientific journals every year. The department also has extensive commissioned research.

Every year, about 400 first level students conduct their medical education at the department.

Danderyds hospital in summer


Department of Clinical Sciences, Danderyd Hospital 182 88 Stockholm, Sweden

Visit us at Entrévägen 2, target J, floor 5


Tomas Jernberg

Head of Department

Anna Däckfors

Head of administration

Håkan Wallén

Adjunct professor

Anna Kiessling

Professor/senior physician



Siw Svensson

Financial officer

Doctoral education

Nina Ringart

Administrative officer


Malin Wirf


Undergraduate and advanced level of education

Annika Kärnekull

Education coordinator

Jessica Hackzell

Educational administrator

Andrea Herslow

Educational administrator

Mia Konradsdal

Educational administrator

Sara Örndahl

Educational administrator

Marzieh Javadzadeh

Educational administrator

Research contract

Nina Greilert

Research nurse

Research nurse

Maja Månsson

Research nurse


Fredrik Johansson

Consultant/externa personnel