Research for excellent health care

By making a donation to KI SÖS research fund, you support both research and health care at Södersjukhuset. We conduct research on common injuries and diseases to offer you as a patient an innovative care of the highest quality. A care based on the latest research findings. The research also enables the hospital to develop new important knowledge that can be disseminated to help patients in the rest of the world.

Our research is patient-centered. The researchers follow the patients closely, allowing them to receive valuable information and feedback on effective treatments and approaches.

Together with Karolinska Institutet, Södersjukhuset conducts outstanding medical research with great patient involvement.

Our research areas

The research at the department is focused on widespread diseases such as diabetes, stroke and allergy. Our research also covers the area of emergency care, including trauma.

Make a donation

You can donate via Swish or Bankgiro.

  • Swish: 123 559 80 81
  • Bankgiro: 5310-6217

Recipient: KI Södersjukhuset.

Mark your donation ”KI SÖS fond

Thank you!

Your donation makes a difference

A few examples of what your donation can contribute to:

  • 50 SEK: Five test tubes for allergy research
  • 100 SEK: A test to ensure the diagnosis of peanut allergy
  • 150 SEK: A measurement of stress in the blood of a heart patient
  • 200 SEK: 50 test strips for controlling blood sugar levels in diabetes patients
  • 500 SEK: An hour’s work for a research nurse
  • 1500 SEK: A long-term ECG measurement to see the effect of stress on a patient's heart
  • 5000 SEK: A food provocation test in hospital for an allergy patient
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