Doctoral programmes and courses

IMM is coordinating one doctoral programme and two research schools

Doctoral courses given by IMM

Syllabus database for doctoral courses

Public health intervention and implementation research, 2454

Implementation Research in Health, 5540

Pulmonary inflammation, 5562

Biology of Brain Tumors, 5517

Human Cell Culture. Methods and applications, 3127

Health risk assessment: principles and applications, 3125

Novel methods and approaches in health risk assessment, 2795

Adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)-principles and applications in toxicology and health risk assessment, 2986

Health risk assessment of endocrine disruptors, 5241

Epidemiologi I (för ST-läkare), 3128

Epidemiology I, 3128

Epidemiology II, 3138

Epidemiology III, 3129

Biostatistics I: Introduction for epidemiologists, 3042

Analysis of genome wide association data, 2767

Causal inference from observational data: emulating a target trial to assess comparative effectiveness, 3046

Fundamentals of statistical modeling, 2959

Analysis of bias in register-based research, 2864

Causal inference from observation data, 2462

Central concepts, designs and methods in epidemiological and sociological life course research, 2556

Ethical and legal aspects on using personal information in register-based research, 2439

Writing and presenting successful grant applications, 2938

Longitudinal research methods: panel, growth curve, and sequence analysis, 2965

Introduction to spatial methods, 2962

Methods for life course epidemiology, 2968

Key concepts and principles for design and critical interpretation of Nordic register-based studies, 3199

Key Concepts and Principles for Design and Critical Interpretation of Register-based Studies, 5401

Transporting Treatment Effects from Randomized Trials to Target Populations, 5649

Introduction to Machine Learning, 5650

Diagrams for Causal Inference from Observational Data, 5665