Psychiatry Sweden – the register linkage | EPiCSS group

Psychiatry Sweden is a register created by linkage of several national and local registers in Sweden, via the unique personal identification number.

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This register-linkage provides us with a unique opportunity for high quality research. The population in the register consists of all persons born 1932-2011 and their 1st and 2st degree relatives. For this large population (about 15 million persons) we have linkage to national registers, regional registers in Stockholm, survey data from Stockholm (SPHC), and biological data from three sub-populations.

The ethical approval for this project covers occurrence, causes and consequences of mental illness, and Psychiatry Sweden can only be used for that purpose.

All data in Psychiatry Sweden is pseudonymised, and stored in secure servers with customary high confidentiality at Karolinska Institutet.

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