Evidence-based interventions for alcohol use disorders | EPICSS

There is an underuse of evidence-based interventions, including screening and brief intervention as well as treatment for alcohol use disorders. The overall aim with this project is to study innovative approaches to improve measurement of alcohol consumption and whether new technology can improve outcomes of treatment of alcohol use disorders.

Research is ongoing on how to include socioeconomic position as an additional risk factor, not previously included in the GBD list. Collaboration with experts in Nordic countries as well as a network chaired by WHO Europe will enable comparison between countries and over time.

Data is continuously being collected from various Swedish sources, and updated to feed into the database hosted by the Institute of Health and Metrics in Seattle, USA, with which we have strong collaboration. A subnational study has been made comparing Stockholm County with the rest of Sweden, and ongoing work is planned to cover all Swedish County councils.

In collaboration with Public Health England we plan to develop analyses of local variation taking into account social position.

Contact for the project

Sven Andréasson

Adjunct professor
K9 Department of Global Public Health

Anna-Karin Danielsson

Principal researcher
K9 Department of Global Public Health


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