Enhancing treatment adherence and social protection for people with tuberculosis in Viet Nam | Social medicine, infectious diseases and migration (SIM)

This program was initiated by a study that evaluated the impact of a cash plus intervention, consisting of conditional and unconditional cash transfers combined with social health insurance, by evaluating the costs associated with TB, quality of life and TB treatment outcomes for people with drug-sensitive (DS-) TB in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

Data from this study were used to develop an assessment tool to estimate the risk of a person with DS-TB experiencing catastrophic costs during care, which is implemented programmatically in 10 districts across Viet Nam to assign differentiated packages of social protection to the highest risk people with TB and is being externally validated. Additional longitudinal patient cost surveys are being conducted to compare the costs of TB care in the public and private sectors in Viet Nam, the differences in costs of various multi-drug resistant TB drug regimens, and for people with DS-TB detected from active vs. passive case finding.

This program has been generously supported by a compilation of programmatic funding sources including: USAID, the European Commission, UNOPS through the StopTB Partnership, CDC Foundation and US CDC.

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