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Administration at FyFa

Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for administrative staff at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, FyFa.

Head of administration

Eva Gipperth

Head of Administration
08-524 872 10

Registry office and archive

Recruitment, green light, recordkeeping of certain drawn up and administrative documents, etc.

Hanna Gustafsson, HR administrator

Purchasing and procurement

Irene Remmel

Financial documents and agreements

Kristina Seitz

Zahra Abdurahman

Agreements and documents relating to grants

FyFa Financial unit

Human Resources

Pia Raninen

HR Supervisor

Hanna Gustafsson

HR administrator

Organisational affiliation: Administration

Diana Mattsson

HR Officer (on maternity leave)

Sofia Schilken

HR supervisor

Financial unit

Kristina Seitz

Financial controller

Zahra Abdurahman

Financial officer


Jasmina Diana Jusufovic

Educational administrator

Eva Lindgren

Research engineer
08-524 875 85

Sofia Pettersson

Educational administrator

Katariina Välimäki Göras

Educational administrator

Communication and Web

Charlotte Brandt

Communications officer
08-524 867 32
UF Central Administration