MMP-8 in periodontitis and related systemic diseases

We have demonstrated that MMP-8 can degrade and process apolipoA-1 and reduce accordingly the macrophage efflux (Salminen et al. Infl Res -13, FASEB-J -15).

At the same time we demonstrated that sub-antimicrobial-doxycycline mediation prevent these processes demonstrating new anti-inflammatory/-proteolytic mechanism for adjunctive doxycycline-medication, inhibition of MMP-8. We have addressed the genetic background (GWAS) related to the elevated serum and salivary MMP-8 (Salminen et al. 2015).

We have patented- that MMP-8 immunoassay (PerioSafe®, ImplantSafe®, Oral Risk Indicator®) as chair-side/point-of-care oral fluid and systemic assays for periodontitis, peri-implantitis and related systemic diseases (Sorsa et al. US-patents, Sorsa et al. J Clin Perio 2012, Pharm Res 2011, Periodontol 2000, 2015). We demonstrated that PerioSafe-MMP-8-chair-side/PoC-assay detects adolescents initial periodontitis in 5 min (Heikkinen, Rathnayake et al. JOP 2015). Diagnostic and treatment monitoring studies now expand globally from Helsinki (HU) and Stockholm (KI) see research at other universities.

Principal Investigator

  • Timo Sorsa, Professor, Division of Periodontology, KI & Helsinki University


  • Nilminie Rathnayake, PhD, Division of Periodontology, KI
  • Anders Gustafsson, Professor, Division of Periodontology, KI
  • Taina Tervahartiala, Helsinki University
  • Pirkko Pussinen, Helsinki University
  • Kåre Buhlin, Associate Professor, Division of Periodontology, KI


Helsinki University Hospital Research Foundation, Karolinska Institutet

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