Astrid Fagraeus laboratory (KM-F)

At KM-F research is mainly conducted on infectious diseases and brain diseases. The facility is available for both researchers at KI and to external researchers linked to other authorities, universities or companies.

KM-F. Foto: KM/KI.

Research at KM-F

At KM-F, biomedical research is mostly focused on cancer and neurological diseases, as well as research to develop effective vaccines against infectious diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

In 2013 the facility was accredited by AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care).

The facility

The laboratory is flexibly built and divided into zones with different protective levels for different animal species such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs and monkeys. It is also possible to keep less common laboratory animals such as voles, shrews and mallards.

According to KI's barrier definitions, the KM-F animal facility is a D-barrier, with several zones with A(-) barriers for infection trials and for quarantine and isolation of infected animals.

Enligt KI:s barriärdefinitioner är djuravdelningen en D-barriär, med flera zoner med A(-) barriärer för infektionsförsök samt för karantän och isolering av smittade djur.


At KM-F, we offer the setting for research with the larger species of animals, as well as the opportunity to carry out infection experiments in risk class 2 and 3. Experiments with uninfected experimental animals and a limited breeding activity can also be conducted. The laboratory can also provide blood, plasma and serum from rabbits, guinea pigs and monkeys.

Available equipment

Apparatur och utrustning omfattar bland annat en biofotonisk kamera (IVIS Spectrum) och en aerosolgenerator (InTox) för till exempel tuberkulosförsök. Djurrum och laboratorium finns i P2- och P3-miljö för både gnagare och större djur.

Animals with unknown health status

We have the possibility of housing animals with unknown health status. This is decided on a case-by-case basis by the facility's management.

Assitance with permits and applications

We offer help with permits and applications for animal experiments, such as applications for ethical permits for animal experiments, and permits from the Swedish Work Environment Agency and the Swedish Board of Agriculture.


We have approved personnel for training and assessment of admitted course participants for the practical parts of the courses Laboratory animal science - Rodents and Lagomorphs and Non-human primates,respectively. Read more about the courses and apply here.

In order to access the facility, an approved EU Function A or equivalent level of competence in laboratory animal science is required for the animal species relevant for your research. For a competence assessment of your current documented knowledge in laboratory animal science, please contact  

Our rates

Contact us for a discussion on your required services and available price range.



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