University healthcare units evaluation (USV evaluation)

The National Board of Health and Welfare's conducts an evaluation of the university healthcare units in order to support their development in accordance with the ALF agreements.
In Swedish: USV - universitetssjukvårdsenheter.


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The evaluation of university healthcare units includes:

  • assessment of the units and their fulfilment of national criteria
  • special review of a selection of the units
  • assessment of management bodies 

Basis for the assessment:

  • survey for the units
  • site visits and interviews with the units included in the special review
  • description and interviews with management bodies within the collaborative organisation KI-Region Stockholm

Special review areas:

  • primary care
  • child and adolescent psychiatry
  • emergency medical care
  • orthopedics
  • neurology

The panel of clinical experts assess and advise the National Board of Health and Welfare’s during the evaluation.

Schedule for USV evaluation

Calendar 2022
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January - June 2022:

  • The questionnaire has been sent out to the Operations Manager at the USV unit
  • The questionnaire must be answered no later than 15 June

September - December 2022:

  • Special review, site visits and interviews
  • Regional seminar, preliminary results
  • Management bodies, interviews

Working group

The management group KI-Region Stockholm has appointed a joint working group with representatives of theResearch Advisory Committee and the Education Advisory Committee to support the university healthcare units during the evaluation process.

Members of the working group:

  • Ewa Ehrenborg, Chairperson, Education Advisory Committee, KI
  • Johan Franck, Vice Chairperson, Research Advisory Committee, Region Stockholm
  • Tora Almquist, Education Advisory Committee, Region Stockholm
  • Sari Ponzer, Education Advisory Committee, Region Stockholm
  • Erika Franzén, Research Advisory Committee, KI
  • Annika Bergquist, Research Advisory Committee, Region Stockholm
  • Ellinor Östensson, Coordinator, KI