Testa Center

KI recently signed a frame agreement with Testa Center in Uppsala to enable access to laboratories for the scale up of biological products from lab bench to industrial-scale quantities.

Testa Center (www.testacenter.com) is an initiative between the Swedish government and Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) that offers businesses and academia nationwide a modern, pilot-scale testbed for projects and education in the production of biological products (up to Bio-safety level 2 and 500 liter).

The initial two-year frame agreement (with the potential for 2 one-year renewals) is effective as of September 1st 2021 and facilitates access for KI researchers to Testa Center industry quality laboratories and expertise for non-GMP large-scale cell culture, and production and purification of biological materials such as monoclonal antibodies, peptides, protein, vaccines, and viral vectors. As such, this agreement provides a good complement to the services provided by the Protein Science Facility at KI (https://ki.se/psf).

For more information about how to access the Testa Centre facility under this agreement please contact Tomas Nyman at PSF, tomas.nyman@ki.se.