Research collaboration

KI-China research collaborations encompass a wide range of biomedical research subjects, and the most active fields are epidemiology and public health, cancer and hematology, immunology and inflammation, as well as neurosciences. It is estimated that KI researchers are currently conducting more than 80 collaborative projects in China.

China collaboration
Number of researchers/research area

Researcher-to-researcher collaboration

The majority of research collaborations are research interest-driven individual collaborations which takes place directly between researchers and are not centrally regulated. The collaborations are undertaken with cooperators mainly from leading Chinese universities in the east costal region of China, with more activities concentrated to Shanghai, Shandong, Guangzhou and Beijing.

University-governed collaboration

KI also operates research collaborations with selected and strategic Chinese partner universities under university level agreements or Memoranda of Understanding (MoU). These collaborations  are initiated and supported centrally.

The key partner Chinese universities include: 

International collaboration guidelines and references

All KI-China collaboration must be operated mutually benefitual and in close adhesion to ethical priciples, academic freedom, as well as Swedish and China Laws and regulations.


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