ALF evaluation

The Swedish Research Council's evaluation of the quality of clinical research in all regions is covered by the ALF agreement. 20% of the clinical research ALF funding allocation is based on the outcome of the evaluation. It is conducted by international expert panels and each part is assessed using a three-point scale: very high quality, good-high quality, substandard quality.

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The ALF evaluation includes:

  • Quality of scientific output
  • Clinical significance and societal impact of clinical research
  • Prerequisites of clinical research

The three panels of the ALF evaluation

The three panels of the ALF evaluation
Quality of scientific production Clinical significance and societal benefits of clinical research Prerequisites for research
All clinical publications 2016-2020 Clinical research and its impact on health care and public health Access to research infrastructures
107 relevant publications Clinical research and education Time for research alongside clinical work
Innovation and life science Career development for clinical researchers
Impact case studies Incentives for clinical research in the ALF region
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Basis for the assessment:

  • survey to clinical researchers and doctoral students
  • bibliometrics/scientific output
  • self-evaluation of the clinical significance and societal impact of clinical research, including selected impact case descriptions
  • self-evaluation of the prerequisites for clinical research
  • digital hearings were held in October 2022

Submitted to VR in June:

Schedule for the ALF evaluation

Calendar 2022
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January - June 2022

October 2022

  • Digital hearings

March 2023

  • The Swedish Research Council will publish the result of the evaluation