ALF evaluation

The Swedish Research Council's evaluation of the quality of clinical research in all regions is covered by the ALF agreement.


Klinisk forskning samverkan
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The ALF evaluation includes:

  • The quality of scientific output
  • The clinical significance and societal impact of clinical research
  • The prerequisites of clinical research

Basis for the assessment:

  • survey to clinical researchers and doctoral students
  • bibliometrics/scientific output
  • self-evaluation of the clinical significance and societal impact of clinical research
  • selected clinical impact case reports
  • self-evaluation of the prerequisites for clinical research
  • digital hearings

20% of the clinical research ALF funding allocation is based on the outcome of the evaluation. It is conducted by international expert panels and each part is assessed using a three-point scale: very high quality, good-high quality, substandard quality.

Schedule for the ALF evaluation

Calendar 2022
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January - June 2022:

September - December 2022:

  • Digital hearings in October

March 2023

  • The Swedish Research Council will publish the result of the evaluation