About KI-China Collaboration

Karolinska Institutet has had research collaboration with universities and institutions in China since the 70’s. In the beginning, the majority of the collaborations started with a Chinese student pursuing a PhD at KI and as more and more students got their PhD, the number of collaborations grew.

Each year KI receives a number of official delegations from Chinese universities and hospitals as well as governmental agencies. Intensified research collaboration with Chinese partners has led to an increasing interest among Chinese PhD students to come to KI, both for short term visits as well as candidates wanting to do a full PhD. Close to 500 Chinese students have until now been or are currently pursuing their PhD at KI. About one third have returned to China, where KI has a strong alumni network.

China is a target country for recruiting talented students to KI. A number of activities towards master’s students are undertaken yearly to present available educational programmes, mainly at the master’s level. This is part of a strategy to attract the best students and in the long run potential PhD-students, post docs and researchers.

Presently KI scientists run some 70 projects with scientists in China ranging from molecular biology, epidemiology, clinical research and health care management. These projects involve close to 60 institutes and universities with a certain concentration to Shanghai, Shandong, Guangzhou and Beijing.

The majority of the activities with Chinese collaborators takes place between researchers and are not regulated by the International Relations Office. There are a few exceptions, where collaborative agreements, projects and activities are initiated and supported by this office.


Nailin Li

Senior research specialist

Katarina Drakenberg

International coordinator