Reports from the Division of Insurance Medicine

Most of the reports we publish are in Swedish.
They can be downloaded from the Swedish version of this site.

The reports are all listed in the list of our publications, which you will find here

Systematic reviews

We conduct several systematic reviews.

Here is a report in English: Physician’s sickness certification practices: A systematic review

You will find more information here.

Sickness absentees’ experiences of encounters with healthcare and social insurance staff

Here you can read an English summary of this Swedish report.

Physicians’ sickness certification practices

We have published several studies in English on this, and also several reports, which, however, are only available in Swedish. Those you will find here


SIMSAM INFRA is a planning project which has as its goal to:
1. coordinate and make visible the infrastructural aspects of the SIMSAM collaboration with respect to data and methodological support
2. develop a plan for the coordination of existing infrastructures for the purpose of register based research
3. work for Nordic coordination of infrastructure for personal data in research
4. develop an information system over existing resources, organizations, and actors than can be updated regularly.

Swedish registers - a unique resource for health and welfare. This is a link to a report that illustrates the benefit to public health and welfare from the Swedish population-based registers. A number of research results from register- based research is described. The report has been produced in collaboration with SIMSAM (Swedish Initiative for research on Microdata in the Social and Medical sciences), and can be ordered from the department or downloaded here.

Contact: Magnus Stenbeck, project manager

PHIRE (Public Health Innovation and Research in Europe)

Several reports have been published in this project. Here are some of them:

Voss M, Alexanderson K. Public Health Innovation and Research in Europe (PHIRE). Report from the PHIRE work package 4. European Public Health Association (EUPHA) 2013.

Voss M, Alexanderson K. PHIRE – Public Health Innovation and Research in Europe. Innovations Report. Poland. European Public Health Association (EUPHA), 2011.

McCarthy M, Alexanderson A, Conceição C, Barnhoorn F, Grimaud O, Katreniakova Z, Narkauskaité L, Saliba A, Sammut M, Devillé W, Voss M, Zeegers D. PHIRE - Public Health Innovation and Research in Europe. Summary report. European Public Health Associations (EUPHA). 2013.

You will find more information on this website

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