Pricelist for Autoradiography Core Facility

Price list
KI (price SEK) External/ Industry (price SEK)

Liquid Scintillation Counter (Hidex 600SL)

Assisted (per hour) 1950 3900
Unassisted (per hour)* 1000 2000

Plate Filtering system: Millipore MultiScreen

Assisted (per hour) 1050 2100
Unassisted (per hour)* 100 200

Phosphoimager Fuji FLA-5100

Assisted (per hour) 1600 3200
Unassisted (per hour) 650 1300
Note: Phosphor screen must be purchased separately

Cryostat Leica CM1860

('full service' sectioning price upon consultation)
Assisted (per hour) 1050 2100
Unassisted (per hour)* 100 200

Radiosafety bench/hood

Per hour* 100 200


(other items upon consultation, e.g. phosphor screens)
Training*fee (/unit) 1000 10600
Startup fee (/unit) 2900 5800
Technician labor (/hour) 950 1900
Consultation (e.g. project design, analysis) 2050 4100
*Training: Radiation safety training must have been completed <5 years to the date of use/experimentation for all users. Check here for available courses this term:…
Training with each instrument is required for all first-time users. Users must be licensed by the KS radiation safety officer to work with radioisotopes (see above).
Ann Hagerborn