PhD-students at the Division of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Registered PhD-students

Christian Ahlstedt

Lactate kinetics in septic shock and the role of fluid administration strategy

Mariam Amouzandeh

Kinetics of plasma proteins in liver insufficiency.

Johan Helleberg

PreMOF; predicting the development of organ failure in acute severe illness using metabolomics

Andreas Komáromi

Albumin kinetics in circulatory instability.

Mirjam Larsson

Regulation of autophagy in relation to organ failure and nutrition in critically ill children

Nina Milerad

Immunocompetence and host response to bacterial colonization and infection

Elisabeth Nagy

It is all connected

Timo Oosterveld

Energy metabolism in the critically III

Dag Seldén

Albumin - Quality and leakage in sepsis
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