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PhD-students - Anaesthesia

Registered PhD-students

Mariam Amouzandeh

Kinetics of plasma proteins in liver insufficiency. Reg. 2017-10-17.

Hanna Dubois

Training team work in clinical encounters with focus on safety and patient participation. Reg. 2018-05-21

Gabriel Dumitrescu

Coagulation in liver failure. Reg. 2014-10-08

Fredrik Helliksson

K3, en ny biomarkör för att prediktera organsvikt. Reg. 2012-06-18

Julia Jakobsson

Den äldre patientens cirkulation och syretransport i samband med anestesi och kirurgi. Reg. 2017-01-31

András Komáromi

Albumin kinetics in circulatory instability. Reg. 2016-06-15

Felix Liebau

Metabolism of dietary derived amino acids in states of anabolic resistance. Reg. 2011-09-14

Maiko Mori

Amino acids and protein kinetics in ICU patients. Reg. 2007-10-05

Annika Sandelin

May communication, collaboration and information transfer in connection to surgery affect postoperative outsomes. Reg. 2017-10-17

Marie Smedberg

Glutamine kinetics in critically ill patients. Reg. 2014-11-04

Martin Sundström Rehal

Energy expenditure and substrate turnover during critical illness. Reg. 2015-12-08