Embryology and genomics - Research Group Petropoulos Lab

We focus on early human development and fertility, using cutting edge molecular biology techniques including single-cell genomic-sequencing , single-molecule RNA FISH, imaging, phenotyping, in vitro and in vivo models, and bioinformatics. The overall goals are to determine fundamental mechanism(s) underlying human embryo preimplantation development and to identify external factors which may reprogram the offspring’s life-trajectories and ultimately manifest in disease/disorders later in life.

Photo: Cecilia Hultqvist

The Petropoulos lab is interested in

  • Investigating how the early ex vivo environment modifies the methylome, transcriptome and noncoding RNAs of the first three lineages (TE, EPI and PE); potentially programming placenta and developing fetus for disease and disorder later in life.
  • Understanding how early life environments- maternal and paternal- can potentially reprogram offspring toward suboptimal development and potential (trans)generational effects.
  • Unravel fundamental mechanism(s) underlying human preimplantation embryo development and blastocyst health.

We are supported by

Swedish Society for Medical Research
Swedish Research Council, Medicine and Health Starting Grant
Emil and Wera Cornells Foundation
Karolinska Institutet Forskningsstiftelser
Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) Early Career Grant

Lab Trainees at Karolinska Institutet

Cheng Zhao

Research Specialist
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