Theses from the Division of Radiography

Doctoral- and Licentiate Theses from the Divison of Radiography


2020-06-22 (licentiate) Charlotte Palmqvist, 
Hygiene at CT and MRI

2019-11-15, (licentiate) Natalja Uhlén, 
PET/CT with 18F-FDG and 68Ga-DOTATOC in pulmonary carcinoid imaging

2019-08-30, (licentiate) Masoud Jadidi, 
The dependency of image quality on acquisition protocol and image processing in chest tomosynthesis

2019-03-13, (licentiate) Linda Wennberg, 
Diabetic foot care in Sweden

2016-12-16, Parvin Tavakol Olofsson, 
Consequences of outsourcing referrals for radiological examinations

2015-03-20, Anders Svensson, 
Intravenous contrast media optimization at computed tomography

2013-10-25 (licentiate) Kerstin Hillergård, 
Radiographic quality workflow : in the digitized healthcare environment

2012-12-14, (licentiate) Parvin Tavakol Olofsson, 
Consequences of outsourcing referrals for magnetic resonance examinations

2012-06-01, (licentiate) Anders Svensson, 
Optimization of intravenous contrast media at computed tomography

2011-04-01, Kent Fridell, 
A Walk Into the Digital World - A Long and Winding Road


2009-03-13, (licentiate) Wiveca Larsson, 
Digital imaging use : Influence of digitalization on radiographers´ work practice and knowledge demands

2007-12-17, (licentiate) Kent Fridell, 
The wind of change : Individuals change when technology change


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