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Publications 2018

Unique Phenotypic Characteristics of Recently Transmitted HIV-1 Subtype C Envelope Glycoprotein gp120: Use of CXCR6 Coreceptor by Transmitted Founder Viruses.
Ashokkumar M, Aralaguppe SG, Tripathy SP, Hanna LE, Neogi U., J. Virol. 2018 05;92(9):

Neuronal Aβ42 is enriched in small vesicles at the presynaptic side of synapses.
Yu Y, Jans DC, Winblad B, Tjernberg LO, Schedin-Weiss S., Life Sci Alliance 2018 Jun;1(3):e201800028

Brief Exposure of Skin to Near-Infrared Laser Modulates Mast Cell Function and Augments the Immune Response.
Kimizuka Y, Katagiri W, Locascio JJ, Shigeta A, Sasaki Y, Shibata M, et al., J. Immunol. 2018 Dec;201(12):3587-3603

27-Hydroxycholesterol Induces Aberrant Morphology and Synaptic Dysfunction in Hippocampal Neurons.
Merino-Serrais P, Loera-Valencia R, Rodriguez-Rodriguez P, Parrado-Fernandez C, Ismail MA, Maioli S, et al., Cereb. Cortex 2019 Jan;29(1):429-446

Reticular adhesions are a distinct class of cell-matrix adhesions that mediate attachment during mitosis.
Lock JG, Jones MC, Askari JA, Gong X, Oddone A, Olofsson H, et al., Nat. Cell Biol. 2018 11;20(11):1290-1302

Characterization of Inducible Transcription and Translation-Competent HIV-1 Using the RNAscope ISH Technology at a Single-Cell Resolution.
Zhang W, Svensson Akusjärvi S, Sönnerborg A, Neogi U. Front Microbiol 2018 ;9():2358

Single-Cell Transcriptomics of Traced Epidermal and Hair Follicle Stem Cells Reveals Rapid Adaptations during Wound Healing.
Joost S, Jacob T, Sun X, Annusver K, La Manno G, Sur I, et al., Cell Rep 2018 Oct;25(3):585-597.e7

KIF13A-regulated RhoB plasma membrane localization governs membrane blebbing and blebby amoeboid cell migration.
Gong X, Didan Y, Lock JG, Strömblad S., EMBO J. 2018 Sep;37(17):

Distinct roles of mesenchymal stem and progenitor cells during the development of acute myeloid leukemia in mice.
Xiao P, Sandhow L, Heshmati Y, Kondo M, Bouderlique T, Dolinska M, et al., Blood Adv 2018 06;2(12):1480-1494

Active and inactive β1 integrins segregate into distinct nanoclusters in focal adhesions.
Spiess M, Hernandez-Varas P, Oddone A, Olofsson H, Blom H, Waithe D, et al., J. Cell Biol. 2018 06;217(6):1929-1940

Somatic mutagenesis in satellite cells associates with human skeletal muscle aging.
Franco I, Johansson A, Olsson K, Vrtačnik P, Lundin P, Helgadottir HT, et al., Nat Commun 2018 02;9(1):800

TOM70 Sustains Cell Bioenergetics by Promoting IP3R3-Mediated ER to Mitochondria Ca2+ Transfer.
Filadi R, Leal NS, Schreiner B, Rossi A, Dentoni G, Pinho CM, et al., Curr. Biol. 2018 02;28(3):369-382.e6