Education at BioNut

The Department of Biosciences and Nutrition (BioNut) performs research in areas of medical science. We provide education at all levels within biomedicine, molecular techniques, bioinformatics, microscopy and nutrition science.

The department offers an international educational and research environment in which about 250 scientists, students, administrative and technical staff are active. Below you can find more information about the courses and programmes that we are responsible for.

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Discontinued courses at Bionut

The education board at BioNut has decided to discontinue the following syllabuses:

2QA105 EU Basics in Public Health Nutrition, 7.5 credits (given for the last time ST2013)

1QA064 Behaviour change in nutrition and physical activity, 15 credits (given for the last time HT2012)

2QA197 Assessing and monitoring diet, physical activity and body composition, 15 credits (given for the last time VT2012)

1QA097 Public Health Nutrition Intervention Management, 15 credits (given for the last time HT2011)

2QA205 Childhood Growth and its Relation to Health, 15 credits (given for the last time HT2011)

Re-examination according to these syllabuses is possible until December 2024, for students who have not completed the course with passing grade. Contact the department for information.