Session chairs and breakout areas

Our session chairs are the key to the success to this longstanding collaboration. Please feel free to contact the chairs if you have any questions regarding their areas. If you are interested in an area not listed below please contact the Steering Committee.

Diabetes and Metabolism

Session Chairs:

From the Chairs:

The uniqueness of the KI-Mayo collaboration the breakout sessions are like a labmeeting away from the lab. The KI-Mayo collaboration has given me new friends and many new research ideas. - Dr. Olav Rooyackers


Session Chairs: 

From the Chairs:

The KI-Mayo collaboration has given me new perspectives. Pedagogical discussions that have been fruitful. - Dr. Annika Östman Wernerson

The uniqueness of the KI-Mayo collaboration collaboration on far distance works fine. Same collaboration seems to work fine despite having been going on for a long time. The KI-Mayo collaboration has given me other perspectives on looking at the "same thing" from different views, friends, knowledge. - Dr. Lars Henningsohn

Psychiatry and Psychology

Session Chairs:

From the Chairs:

The uniqueness of the KI-Mayo collaboration complementarity of two environments where 1+1=4. Cultural context very much aligned building trust very easily. The KI-Mayo collaboration has given me Lots of friends collaborators and novel scientific ideas. Also a fantastic second scientific home. A lot of experience in how to build drive and enjoy good international collaborations. - Dr. Martin Schalling 

Autoimmune Disorders

Session Chairs:

From the Chairs:

It gives an unique opportunity to exchange experiences, methods, knowledge over the continents. It enriches my research in a more personal and direct way than any other conference. - Dr. Vilija Oke


Session chairs

From the Chairs:

The uniqueness of the KI-Mayo is that the collaboration is very fruitful and longlasting. It is It is very inspiring and that Mayo Clinic  has a different structure. - Dr. Elham Hedayati

Cardiology and Cardiovascular Biology

From the Chairs:

The uniqueness of the KI-Mayo collaboration is our formation of an energetic network across a broad spectrum of cardiovascular research. The KI-Mayo collaboration has given me the opportunity to intensively interact with the Mayo Clinic through close interactions with mutual benefits. - Dr. Magnus Bäck

Health Care Management and Innovation

From the Chairs:

The uniqueness of the KI-Mayo collaboration continuity, fruitful relations. The KI-Mayo collaboration has given me ongoing collaboration during the year, between conferences. Opportunity for both spontaneous reconciliations and regular support in our area, thanks to relationships that have been built over time. - Erika Nydahl

The uniqueness of the KI-Mayo collaboration about the opportunity to get to know colleagues to an extent that inspires and facilitates meaningful collaboration and learning. It has given me valuable insights, contacts, and an opportunity to reflect on the contribution of and limitations of my own research and practice. - Dr. Mairi Savage


Session Chairs

From the Chairs:

Unique long-standing research activities between two international universities/organisations in the frontline of research and with common interest in many research fields. New valuable contacts with research colleagues at Mayo which have generated valuable discussions, ideas and great insight into to the research activities at Mayo in my research field. - Dr. Agneta Nordberg (former chair KI)

Regenerative Medicine

From the chairs: 

The uniqueness of the KI-Mayo collaboration is that it of high quality with genuinely interested researchers. The regularity enables you slowly to establish connections with peers. The KI-Mayo collaboration has given me opportunity to collaborate with top researchers and initiate a new project that included exchange of methods, materials and laboratory visits for me and my PhD-students. - Dr. Eva Ellis

Discussing state-of-the-art topics but also very practical and realistic joint experimental projects.  As consequence, we have been able to offer and share resources and facilities that speed both projects up significantly (or created joint project). Unique opportunity to have access to expertise and resources at the Mayo Clinic without waiting for student fellowship/exchange program, and generate preliminary results which ended up in joint application (to NIH or VR) - Dr. Roberto Gramignoli


Nursing Science

Individualized Medicine

Biliary Tract Disorders including cancer

Maria Olsson