Exhibitions at The Hagströmer Library

The Hagströmer Library has been working with art and artists in recent years to produce regular exhibitions. Below you can find out more about our past and current exhibitions.

Caput Folium - Exhibition by artist Timo Menke.
Caput Folium - Exhibition by artist Timo Menke. Photo: Svante Larsson

Caput Folium

The leaf faces or Green Men are drawings and depictions of people composed of plant leaves. You find them in literature, architecture and folklore. The exhibition Caput folium examines the medical, art and idea-historical flows that meet in the leaf face as a figure: the plant as the reversed human; the tree as an allegory for knowledge of the world and material for book production; the forest as our common ecological past.

After a long search, Timo Menke has found traces, images, fantasies and ideas about the plant-man and created an artistic habitat at the Hagströmer Library for new types of readers of plant-men and leaf faces.

The exhibition runs from 5 October to 21 December

Free guided Tours

The Library will also host a series of free guided tours of the exhibition with artist Timo Menke and Library curator Anna Lantz.

The tours will be 17.00 - 18.30 on October 18th, October 31st and November 21st 2023.

Please contact Anna.Lantz@ki.se to book a place or for further details and visitor information.


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