Electronic invoicing at Karolinska Institutet

This information is aimed at suppliers who wish to send electronic invoices to Karolinska Institutet.

On 1 April 2019, all purchases within the public sector are required by law to be electronically invoiced (e-invoicing) according to a new European standard. The requirement to send and receive e-invoices applies to all public procurements starting after 1 April 2019, including direct procurements. Public procurements commencing before this date are not retroactively affected by the law. If the parties have agreed on an e-invoicing standard other than the European standard, the supplier may continue sending invoices according to the agreed standard.

There are three different ways we can recieve e-invoices from you.

1. Through the PEPPOL network

We can receive PEPPOL 3.

Address in PEPPOL:


For more information, visit the webpage of Agency for Digital Goverment.

2. Svefaktura with transport profile Base

Contact your VAN operator if you have one. They need to register our parts identity and our receiving address in their register in order to send e-invoices to us.

Here follows the technical information needed to send Svefaktura to us via transport profile Base. This is also called a ebMS-link.

E-invoice format: SFTI Svefaktura

Our Parts Identity: 7350043510008

Our Van operator: Opus Capita

If you wish to send Svefaktura to us, please contact supportsystems@ki.se with the following information.

Your Parts Iidentity:

You Van operator:

Contact information for the person who will be our contact:

3. Invoice Portal

If none of the above options suit then you can register yourself on http://Invoiceportal.net. Its a free service where you can register and send e-invoices to us in a simple way without thinking about format or GLN. This options is best suited for smaller suppliers who dont send alot of invoices.


The invoices to KI must be marked with our specific reference ZZ code. The reference code should include ZZ + Institution code + purchaser code. >
The format looks like ZZXXXXXXX with various number of letters and numbers.

Please note that the reference must be in CAPITAL letters and must be in the field "Customer reference 1"

For orders at KI's e-commerce, the invoices to KI must be marked with KI's order number, which consists of 7 digits starting with 32xxxxx. Example of order number: 3200000  and must be in field  "Buyer order number"

Search for Karolinska Institutet in the portal when you will invoicing.

For all questions regarding invoices contact ekonomiservice@ki.se.