Advice on ethics

Karolinska Institutet has an Ethics Council and a Scientific representative you can ask for advice. The medical ethicists at LIME also answers questions about research ethics and health care ethics. Below you will find email addresses and links to them.

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Ask the medical ethicists at LIME for ethics advice


The Ethics Council at Karolinska Institutet

For principal and policy matters about ethics, you can turn to the Ethics Council at Karolinska Institutet. The Ethics Council has a responsibility to make sure that a discussion about ethics is maintained within KI and that KI’s managing of ethical questions and issues are in line with good research practice.

The Scientific representative at Karolinska Institutet

You can turn to the Scientific representative at Karolinska Institutet to discuss research ethical issues, as well as advice on, for instance, conflicts and disagreement regarding collaboration and co-authorship.


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