KI has three deans who are appointed by the president to lead and coordinate activities within, and between, each department group.

KI's 21 departments are divided into three department groups: KI North, KI Solna and KI South. They are each led by a dean who is part of the president's management team. 

Dean KI North

Carl Johan Sundberg

Carl Johan Sundberg is the dean for department group KI North since 2024. Han is Professor of Molecular and Applied Exercise Physiology.

Assistant to the dean: Charlotta Myrén.

Dean KI Solna

Sten Linnarsson

Sten Linnarsson is dean for department group KI Solna since 2024. Han is Professor of Molecular System Biology.

Assistant to the dean: Charlotta Myrén or Marie Franzén.

Dean KI Syd

Matti Sällberg

Matti Sällberg is dean for department group KI South since 2024. He is Professor of Biomedical Analysis.

Assistant to the dean: Marie Franzén.

The role of the dean

The dean is subordinate to the president and represents his/her department group. The dean is responsible for implementing the decisions of the university board, the faculty board and other university wide decisions. 

The dean must contribute to a constructive dialog between heads of department and university management. The assignment also includes taking responsibility for coordinating and streamlining activities within each departmental group and between these in consultation with the relevant heads of department and with the university director in matters within his or her area of responsibility. Furthermore, the assignment involves coordinating initiatives within and between the departmental groups with regard to the recruitment of teachers and researchers.

Some of the dean's responsibilities include:

  • leading and coordinating the departments' work
  • ensuring that the faculty board's decisions, as well as other university-wide decisions, are implemented in the department through the head of department's operational responsibility
  • coordinating and streamlining within the department group
  • leading the recruitment of heads of department in accordance with KI's selection process and appointing heads of department after consultation with the president.

The deans' full responsibilities are stated in the current decision-making and delegation rules.